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New posting: Edmonton ACHD patient "Heart to Heart" Conference, May 23, 2015

Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance: We're here for you! (Shelagh Ross, CCHA)

Ready, Set, Go! Making a smooth transition from pediatric to adult cardiac care (Gwen Rempel, RN)

Taking charge of your heart health: Becoming your own CEO (Pam Heggie, NAACH Clinic Nurse)

Closing holes, replacing valves: What's new in interventional cardiology? (Dr. Dylan Taylor)

Congenital heart surgery: How far have we come and where are we going? (Dr. Ivan Rebeyka)

Are you a Ferrari or a Fiat? Exercise and congenital heart disease (Dr. Isabelle Vonder Muhll)

Stressed out? Coping with a chronic heart condition (Dr. Jaleh Shahin)

Testing, testing 1-2-3. What tests tell about my heart (Dr. Tarun Sehgal)

What to expect when you're expecting: What congenital heart patients need to know about pregnancy, contraception, and becoming parents (Dr. Jonathan Windram) 


22nd International Symposium on Adult Congenital Heart Disease - Toronto, May 2012

Setting the stage: the top 10 challenges after saving lives

The top 10 challenges for adult CHD cardiologists - Gary Webb

The top 10 challenges in adult CHD: surgeon perspecitve - Glen Van Arsdell

The top 10 challenges after saving lives: for nurses and congenital cardiac care associates - Philip Moons

The top 10 challenges after saving lives - Barbara Mulder

The top 10 challenges after saving lives: an adult patient's persepctive - Shelagh Ross, CCHA president


Advanced care planning in Adult CHD: practical information

What are examples of quality death and dying? - Qunyu Li

How do we involve palliative care in the management of our patients? - James Downar

How can we communicate effectively about advanced care planning? - Lawrence Librach

Pregnancy in adult CHD: beyond the basics

What is the most appropriate peripartum obstetrical management of women with CHD? - Mathew Sermer

What is the best method of anticoagulation to use in pregnant women with mechanical valves? - Els Pieper

What should we tell women about late effects of pregnancy on the heart? - Sam Siu

Heart failure in adult CHD: beyond drugs

Exercise and heart failure - Tanya Holloway

Who lives and who dies: how do we assess risk" - Luke Burchill

VADs in adult CHD: the good, bad, and the ugly - Vivek Rao

Transplatation - the holy grail: who, when, and why not? - Heather Ross


The Fontan disease

Why is the Fontan circulation so special? - Marion McRae

The Fontan circulation - a systemic disease? - Gruschen Veldtman

Why does the Fontan circulation fail? - Andrew Redington

Should we convert all RA to PA Fontans? Barbara Deal


Applying new anti-arrythmic strategies to adult CHD - do they work? 

Arrythmia and hemodynamics: chicken or egg? - Louise Harris

How do we manage VT in tetralogy of Fallot? - Krishnakumar Nair & Eugene Downar

Anti-arrythmic surgery: what can I offer? - Christopher Calderone


Pulmonary arterial hypertension - tough questions

Epidemiology and natural history in PAH and adult CHD: do we know the story? - Ariane Marelli

ASD and PAH: to close or not to close? - Helmut Baumgartner

Vasodilator therapy in Eisenmenger patients: who, when, and what? - Alexander Opotowsky

Transplantation of Eisenmenger patients: who, when, and what? - John Granton


Tetralogy of Fallot Conference, Marseille, France – June 2013

Past current and optimal surgical management of tetralogy of Fallot

PDF icon Download Past-current-and-optimal-surgical-management-of-tetralogy.pdf (4.31 MB)

Evaluating quality of life after correction of tetralogy of Fallot

PDF icon Download Evaluating-quality-of-life-after-correction-of-ToF-Fallot-2013-Marseille-June-2013.pdf (1.67 MB)

SWITCH2 research program: self-management and well-being improvements by transitioning adolescents with chronic disorders in hospital and at home

Current social situation of an adult with repaired “tet”

PDF icon Download Current-societal-situation-of-an-adult-with-repairedpdf-1.pdf (1.46 MB)

CCHA presentation given at the tetralogy of Fallot conference, June 2013

PDF icon Download CCHA-June-2013_1.pdf (3.36 MB)

Toronto Adult Congenital Heart Patient Conferences


  • Staying active with adult congenital heart disease: Tanya Holloway, Exercise Physiologist

Download THolloway_Staying-Active_TCCCA-Patient-Conference-2010.pdf (85.54 KB)

  • Strategies for heart health: healthy eating

Download ACHD-Healthy-Eating_May-2010.pdf (504.07 KB)



  • Living a “normal” life with CHD: Tom O’Grady

Download Final-TGrady-Toronto-presentation.pdf (1.87 MB)

  • Sports and exercise: D. Tobler, MD

Download Patient-conference-Tobler.pdf (155.22 KB)

  • Heart failure: H. Balint, MD

Download Patient-conference_HF_HB.pdf (169.48 KB)

  • Adult congenital heart disease tsunami: Erwin Oechslin, MD

PDF icon Download ACHD-Tsunami.pdf (5.47 MB)

  • Strategies for heart health: healthy eating

Download ACHD-Healthy-Eating_May-2010.pdf (504.07 KB)



  • Managing Anxiety about Medical Procedures: Dr. Adrienne Kovacs, Clinical Psychologist, TCCCA

Download ACHD_Pt-Conference_Toronto_May_2008.pdf (63.88 KB)

  • Pacemaker and Defibrillators: Andrew Gentilin, RN, APN, Electrophysiology/Cardiology, TCCCA

Download ACHD-Pacemakers-and-Defibrillators.pdf (510.47 KB)

  • Contraception and Pregnancy: Dr. Candice Silversides, Research Director, TCCCA

PDF icon Download Pregnancy-and-Contraception.pdf (411.87 KB)

Are you an adult with congenital heart diseases? To find a cardiologist with specialized training in adult congenital heart disease, please read for important info.


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