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If you are interested in volunteering with CCHA, please sign up at our CCHA volunteer registration page

The Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance relies on the generosity of people like you. Across the country, individuals, corporations and businesses help us by increasing awareness and raising money for congenital heart disease. Your support means we can continue our work in education and training, advocacy, support, and in promoting research.

This is how Amber is making a difference:

“Since my son was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, I have done lots of research. I’m shocked at how many people have CHD and how little funding and awareness there actually is. This is how I’m helping CCHA by raising funds and awareness:

  • I’ve donated commissions from my home-based business.
  • I’ve arranged with my local Pizza Hut for them to donate 15% of all sales this upcoming February 16th

​and..."My husband and I were looking for ways to raise money for the CCHA and decided to put on a benefit dance. We live in a very small community and we were not sure if it would be successful. We approached local businesses to ask for help with donations for a prize table. We were overwhelmed by the support. We had 24 prizes donated, the DJ gave us a discount on his fee, and the hall was donated for the evening. Our local radio station advertised the dance for free. With the help of our friends and our community we were able to raise approximately $3300 for the CCHA.

I have learned that every little bit helps and is very much appreciated by the organization.”

10 ways you can help right now:

  • Donate to help us continue to offer our support programs and encourage research.
  • Ask your workplace to make a corporate donation, become a corporate partner, match your donation, or host a "casual day" or other fundraiser that employees can participate in. Encourage your employer and colleagues to make the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance their charity of choice. Suggest a jeans day or a loonie/toonie drive in support of CCHA. Ask your company to match the donation from your community event.
  • Organize a community fundraising event and help raise awareness about congenital heart disease at school or with your friends or family. This could include a personal event like a BBQ, wine and cheese party, dinner party, bake sale, garage sale, or car wash. Or it could include a sporting event like a golf tournament, tennis tournament, or other event.
  • Start a support group, if there isn't one in your area. Encourage your group to organize a fundraising event.
  • Use your skills as a volunteer. There are lots of ways you can help. If you'd like to volunteer, please contact Jennifer at (you don't have to fundraise!)
  • Contribute stories for our website or newsletter.
  • Make your voice heard. Join our advocacy efforts.
  • Tell a friend about the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance.

How we can help you:

  • Offer event planning advice
  • Provide a letter of support for your event
  • Provide CCHA educational materials for your event
  • Provide the official CCHA logo for use on promotional materials

We will also do our best to provide a representative at your event.

For more information please send an email to

Are you an adult with congenital heart diseases? To find a cardiologist with specialized training in adult congenital heart disease, please read for important info.


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