Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance

Posters and brochures

CCHA Brochure (Bilingual)

PDF icon Download CCHA Brochure.pdf (1.19 MB)

Adults Born with Heart Disease (English only)

PDF icon Download Adult CCHA Brochure.pdf (2.04 MB)

When Your Child Has a Heart Defect (English only)

PDF icon Download Child CCHA Brochure.pdf (1.81 MB)

Macleans magazine ad

PDF icon Download macleans.pdf.pdf (3.33 MB)

CCHA life insurance poster

PDF icon Download CCHA_insurance_poster.pdf (204.41 KB)

Adult CHD Centres in Canada ("Share the Care")

Download ACHD_Centres_in_Canada.pdf (168.81 KB)


Are you an adult with congenital heart diseases? To find a cardiologist with specialized training in adult congenital heart disease, please read for important info.


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